about me

Hello, my name is Jenn.  I can't even tell you the story about how I got the nickname 'bettec'.  Actually I could, but it's long and complicated so let's just say I like to bake. 

I'm currently completing a masters degree in social work in Toronto.  I like to help people.  I worked in the spa industry for seven years and it motivated me to move into a professional helping role in a more meaningful capacity.  Moving on, moving on.  I also have a background in graphic design.  I'm a gemini, what can I say...  I like to dabble in everything.

I live with my partner Aron, in central downtown Toronto.  We will soon live with fish, a cat, and if Aron had his way, a retriever puppy.  We'll see about that.  Here we are on a rather average day:

What else?  I work out a lot.  It keeps me sane and allows me to indulge in dim sum and dark chocolate Kit Kats regularly.  Hot yoga, running and BodyPump are my things.  

As for clothes, I have always enjoyed dressing in a fun way that makes me feel good about myself, but typically did not allow the time to do so.  I have committed to putting more effort into my daily look, and this blog will assist me in that process.

The name 'fashion party' comes from an organization my mom was involved in when I was a little girl (à la Avon).  I have fond memories of racks of clothes and playing dress up—and it came to mind on the day I created this blog.  I am bringing fashion party back.... hence, 'fashion party redux'.

Please enjoy and visit often.