Thursday, 5 January 2012

hoyo + errands

Hot yoga + errands and the day is gone.  11pm and I've got 40 minutes to spend with A. before bed.  Good night y'all.

Sweater, Zara. Cords, GAP. Tank, F21. Scarf, Burberry.
Cuff, Vintage (boxing day sale score!). Boots, Get Outside. Leather bag, Roots.
Canvas Shopper, Random Artisan at the 99 Sudbury Market.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

sicky sick sick

I said I'd start today so I am owning up.  But the truth is, I continue to be sick and haven't left the house since I had to come home from the New Year's Eve party we were forced to leave once I started vomiting at the party.  SO YA, this is me testing out the new set arrangement, in our new home that has plenty of natural light (unlike the old one). The more attractive things in this photo include our beautiful new wood floors (that replaced the total crap laminate that was here when we moved in), and our Cloud White walls (to replace Ultra Boring Beige).  Real clothes soon.

Sweater, H&M. Tights, Zara. Socks, Winners.
Necklace & Swatch, gifts from A. from Sweden. Earrings, F21.

Monday, 2 January 2012

It's only been 8 months...

I loved this blog.  It was all new and shiny for a while, and then I realized just how much work it was.  Since I've been here last we've moved, I've completed a degree, and I'm already halfway through my masters degree.... and I miss my blog, and spending time with my clothes and dressing in a way that makes me feel great.

So I'm back.  I'll give it another go.  I hope to see you around.  Like tomorrow.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

busy bee

Holy smokes!  My last post was much too long ago.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know how you all do it.  I was fortunate today to have my guy back from LA so that I woke up too early for work/placement and had some time to read personal emails, and sneak a peek at a fashion blog or two!  I am all tucked up in bed with a bowl of "rice krispies" (the natural kind, not the Brand kind with added and unnecessary refined sugar...pfffft!) and I won't think about what to wear today until I've had a long hot wake-up shower, but if I do have the good fortune later of finding the time to take and post photos I will do my best.  Until then, I was just perusing the new catalog put out by a very good and talented friend of mine, Kristen of Laborde Designs.  Check out these beauties:

Antoinette No.300 | Cameo with gunmetal mixed metals
Deborah No.809 | Turquoise and wood

Just two of my faves - if you like what you see, pease visit her at Laborde Designs

On a final (sleepy) note, as soon as I settle into my new routine a little bit more I intend to get back on a regular posting schedule.  Working full-time Monday to Friday is a huge shift for me!  Week one is going really well though and I am really excited to be where I am.  (For those of you that don't know, I am placed for the summer at an eating disorder support centre.)  I look forward to spending more time in blogland soon.  Until then... xx!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

final exam, rain, headache.... post !

So Tuesday was study-study-ignore-the-computer day. Final exam of my degree on Wednesday (yay!)... followed immediately by a train trip out of the city to visit my parentals, all whilst fighting of a migraine (thanks to all this crazy atmospheric pressure...stuff). The dropped me off a few hours ago and I snapped a few shots before dinner. This was not a well thought out outfit by any means, but it does show off one of my favourite summer dresses. Along with, the annoying yellow cardigan that just seems to go with everything (I am going to wear this out in approximately one more week). It rained... again... hence the wellies. Waiting anxiously for May flowers!

Dress, UO, approx. $60. Cardigan, F21, $18.
Scarf, H&M, approx. $10. Tights, UO, approx. $15.
Boots, Hunter, gift from Aron.

Oh and this is our new friend.  Aron named him.  He is... get ready for it... "Robocop". 

Monday, 25 April 2011

constructive criticism mondays ?

So I've noticed that bloggers in general have special features on their blogs.  Now I haven't seen this on another blog so I apologize if it's already in existence and I'm claiming the idea as my own, but here goes.  What I've noticed for the most part while browsing blogs endlessly is that the comments are all positive, and for the most part, generally positive, for example, "Gorgeous outfit!".  While this is a nice, warm and fuzzy compliment, I am using my blog to learn more about how dress myself in a flattering way.  Today is a good day to start this I think, since I sort of like my outfit, but definitely feel it could use some improvement.   So please, feel free to provide some constructive criticism!  I welcome your ideas and comments.

I apologize for the lighting in these.  It began to pour rain, and even with all the blinds wide open I couldn't get enough light.  Enter reading spotlight!   

Skirt, thrifted (ToGo), $1.50. Tank, Club Monaco, $35 (w/student discount).
Belt, CM, $70 (w/student discount). Cardigan, F21, $21. Clutch, $20, Winners.
Boots, Blowfish @Little Burgundy, approx. $75.

So - what might you change/add/remove if you were my stylist?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

friday staycation

---Disclaimer: this post is absolutely non-fashion related!---

Friday was Good.  We began with a good sleep in; I hit a hot yoga class at 10, and by early afternoon we were off:

A leisurely stroll up to Queen St.

Stopping to sit on a curb, enjoy the sunshine and scarf
down potato pancakes, applesauce and sausage.

Next stop: Kensington Market.  Stocking up on dates, figs, dried peaches, and pecans.

Kensington is jumping on a holiday Friday.

Grilled street clams - a delicious surprise.

Aron eagerly awaits.

Fresh squeezed juices from the Urban Herbivore.  Ginger and pineapple seen here.  A+.

Back home to continue eating - fresh figs and dark hazelnut chocolate.

Retiring to the couch for a crime show marathon.

After a dinner of organic burgers, poutine and Black Swan, Aron is down for the count.