Thursday, 28 April 2011

final exam, rain, headache.... post !

So Tuesday was study-study-ignore-the-computer day. Final exam of my degree on Wednesday (yay!)... followed immediately by a train trip out of the city to visit my parentals, all whilst fighting of a migraine (thanks to all this crazy atmospheric pressure...stuff). The dropped me off a few hours ago and I snapped a few shots before dinner. This was not a well thought out outfit by any means, but it does show off one of my favourite summer dresses. Along with, the annoying yellow cardigan that just seems to go with everything (I am going to wear this out in approximately one more week). It rained... again... hence the wellies. Waiting anxiously for May flowers!

Dress, UO, approx. $60. Cardigan, F21, $18.
Scarf, H&M, approx. $10. Tights, UO, approx. $15.
Boots, Hunter, gift from Aron.

Oh and this is our new friend.  Aron named him.  He is... get ready for it... "Robocop". 


  1. This is cute:) I really love that yellow cardigan!

  2. Dear Girl Wallflower1 May 2011 at 22:52

    that dress is cute, and I also wear my rain boots when the weather is stubborn!..but hoepefully it gets better....

  3. congrats on finishing up your exams!

  4. I love that you named your fish "robocop"! Plus, I do the same thing with a good cardigan! I just wear it all the time :)
    I think this unplanned outfit still looks super cute :)