Friday, 15 April 2011

sunny sky... or something...

I wasn't going to post today.  It was a crazy one, and I didn't get home from work until about 10pm.  But I powered through...  tried out the flash... and.... ta-da! 

Pants, Esprit, $70. Cardigan, F21, $17. Tshirt, Jacob, $14.
Belt, H&M, $15. Scarf, Zara, $30. Polish, Essie, $4.
Bag, UO, $70. Booties, Blowfish, $50 (sale).

I threw in this last photo because I love how my hair colour is fading out.  It's one of those things I didn't really notice until I saw a picture of it.  (Hence why blogs are so useful.)  It is also really interesting to see myself in a photo with no makeup on.  A little scary, but I'm okay.  I had a facial today and didn't want to mess up my freshly microdermed skin with the makeups.  I love the microderm.  If you haven't tried it yet, you should !


  1. You look fabulous! I wish I looked that good without makeup. My face can be scary looking in the morning! lol.

  2. Your skin looks great! A redhead! Who knew.

  3. Such fun colors! And I think your hair looks amazing :)

  4. great pictures! you have beautiful hair.