Wednesday, 6 April 2011

brrr, neutrals

Ok seriously, what is up with this weather.  I know, I'm Canadian, suck it up, but come on.  I wanted to put on something light and springy but instead was feeling like something warm and cozy so settled on this light coloured, neutral-y cozy ensemble.  I admit, I was feeling lazy and crabby as well.

Dress, Club Monaco, approx $150 (got it 30% off). Belt, H&M, $10.
Leggings, H&M, $10. Necklace, jewellery store on Queen St. that closed
down long ago, $15. Bag, Roots, $105 (on sale, $25 off).

Yes, that is my new remote.  Yes, I am new.
And I didn't want to wear my boots inside so they are missing but they are brown and heeled, by Blowfish.  And if I wasn't so lazy and crabby I'd find a link but instead I am going to bed!  Night night.  xo

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