Sunday, 10 April 2011

spring + black

So the Daily Fashionista first inspired me to wear something black, regardless of my inclination to pull out items in white, lilac, yellow or florals.  Then I saw Tieka from Selective Potential wearing black tights with a pair of shoes I already own - and knew it had to be done. 

Skirt, AA, $50. Blouse, UO, approx. $35? 'Hose, The Bay, $7.

Gemini necklace, my grandfather's.
Lipstick, too lazy to get up and look at the colour name, L'Oréal, $8.

Ok so the ice cream maker is in focus instead of me. 
It appears I now need to purchase a wireless remote.
And to get over my fear of taking pictures outside where
the neighbours might judge me.

Shoes, UO, approx. $60.


  1. This outfit is super gorgeous! I'm glad that I lent you some inspiration, and I love how you mixed in blue! That is very pretty! And taking photos in front of neighbors is something you just get used to I guess. I just do my thing and ignore any weirdos who feel the need to stare.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the pairing of those two colours. AND I'm totally swooning over your shoes, love them paired with the black tights ala Tieka -fab! xx veronika