Sunday, 24 April 2011

friday staycation

---Disclaimer: this post is absolutely non-fashion related!---

Friday was Good.  We began with a good sleep in; I hit a hot yoga class at 10, and by early afternoon we were off:

A leisurely stroll up to Queen St.

Stopping to sit on a curb, enjoy the sunshine and scarf
down potato pancakes, applesauce and sausage.

Next stop: Kensington Market.  Stocking up on dates, figs, dried peaches, and pecans.

Kensington is jumping on a holiday Friday.

Grilled street clams - a delicious surprise.

Aron eagerly awaits.

Fresh squeezed juices from the Urban Herbivore.  Ginger and pineapple seen here.  A+.

Back home to continue eating - fresh figs and dark hazelnut chocolate.

Retiring to the couch for a crime show marathon.

After a dinner of organic burgers, poutine and Black Swan, Aron is down for the count.

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