Friday, 22 April 2011

thursday night, party time

Ok ok, two posts in just a few hours. I know - cccccccrrrrazy! But this is what I wore out last night. We went dancing at Revival.  Fun!

Dress, Tristan, gift from Aron. Belt, H&M, came free with a skirt.
Cardigan, H&M, approx. $30. Tights, Hue, $no idea.
Necklace, Absolutely No Clue (I may have picked it up at Outer Layer), approx. $30. 
Bag (seen in first photo), H&M, $no idea (at least 4 years old).
Polish, Essie in "Shifting Power", or what I like to call "Gold", $7.

Darkened the day time eyeliner and added Stila lip stain in "Poppy".
Aron trying to hide behind my parent's retro tripod (indefinitely borrowed).  Nice try.

Oh and as for the shoes that didn't make it into the photos....  I had initially planned to wear these, but wore them for sushi before the club and found they were hurting a little.  Decided to go with these to ensure continuous hours of dancing.


  1. Cute and sassy. (: I especially love the interesting pattern tights. I really like pattern tights to start with, but they usually aren't cool like that!

  2. I think those tights are so fun! I've been all about colored tights lately, but I've managed to avoid patterned tights. I'm just not quite sure how to style them. I love that they really spice up this otherwise simple black dress. Hope you had a blast on your night out!

  3. Thanks Becca! We did have fun - and I feel the same about patterned tights. Especially since most women want to play down the size of their legs, and we all know what patterns tend to do generally (and that's not make things look smaller). I can't count how many times I've put these tights on, then taken them off and changed outfits just before leaving the house. I think the key is to pair them with a very basic outfit otherwise, as you mentioned.

  4. Hi there! Love those tights!!! And thanks for stealthly following me :) Following you back!!

  5. Ha! Didn't realize you left me a comment! Just saw it! Thanks babe!!!