Thursday, 31 March 2011

robin hood tights

Ok I was so embarassed yesterday I couldn't even bring myself to post to apologize. It's crunch time at school - it's my last semester - I was writing all day in sweats and scrambled to get to my evening class in time. I did have high hopes of dragging out the camera though and wore my light denim high waisted skirt, blue Esprit sweater, brown tights and my grey suede boots. Buuuutttt I didn't take any photos so it doesn't count. was a new day. I wore my robin hood tights, as Aron calls them. I think they are on their last legs (ha) but I love the colour. And you get to see the whole picture of the sweater dress from my very first post, where I lacked the self-photography abilities to actually show it to you.

Yep, just hanging out, holding a vase of dead flowers. It's what I do.

Sweater dress, H&M, $40. Robin hood tights, UO, $?.
Patterned socks, The Bay, $3. T-straps, UO, $60.
Necklace, gift from friend.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

sick day

Ok now I am a sick blogger. I get sick every time I fly. Not that this sickness is the contagious type. It's more the monthly type but it's hit me like a ton of bricks today. I honestly spent the day in sweats and ate cereal out of the box for dinner. Attractive. At least I'm loyal to my post per day? Pics. I owe you.

Here's a photo from the boat cruise. Taken by a mobile camera. I know it's lame but you can see my awesome pre-boat fedora purchase ($20, random pier shop), favourite Gypsy earrings, $12, striped H&M tank, $7, and vodka soda, $0.

Monday, 28 March 2011

miami redux

I am a bad blogger. I was so excited about Miami I forgot to say goodbye.

I'm not posting my outfit today because I am wearing yoga jeans and a flannel shirt. Yep. Embarassing...for a [new] fashion blogger. But our flight got in at 2 — and today is all about pretending vacation isn't over and trying not to think about jumping back into the madness again come tomorrow. Aron's on an early flight out for work and I'll be writing all day but I WILL be getting dressed and taking pictures, promise.

Until then....

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Red and yellow?  I'm breaking all my rules.

I had to wear the cardigan again from yesterday because I love it.  Also, I have learned/am learning from seasoned bloggers a whole new world of wearing things more than once a week.  I had a terrible (very early) morning, with a craptacular hot yoga class (worst instructor ever) and had only minutes to get ready before my 9am class.  I thought this turned out OK, considering my limited time and terrible mood. 

Skirt, AA, $boughtitahundredyearsagocan'tremember.
Cardigan, F21, $22. Tank, Aritzia(maybe?), $noidea.
Silk scarf, Etsy, $giftfrommom. Tights, H&M, $cheap.
Grey Suede Boots That Didn't Quite Make
It In The Photo, Winners, $giftfrommom.
Red sunglasses, H&M, $7. Lipgloss, Pure+Simple, $15?
Bag, UO, approx. $45.

I have to say I am looking forward to the end of this day. But tomorrow is the mad writing/packing fiasco that will be the day before we leave for Miami. Just in case you were interested in what the weather will be like:


Monday, 21 March 2011

say yes

I bought a new lens!  But I didn't beat the sun home.  And, the shots Aron took were out of focus.  I loved my outfit today but unfortunately this is the best photo.  Sad.

Dress, UO, approx. $80.  Belt, H&M, $15. Cardigan, F21, $23.
Tights That Aron Hates, H&M, approx. $10. Scarf, H&M, $?.
Watch, Burberry, (anniversary gift from Aron).
Missing from the photo: Black 80s Boots (that I don't really like but
keep wearing), $90, Scarpino.  I wore this with my black UO bag and
my blue Soia & Kyo coat (gift from Aron). 

Polish, OPI, $9.

Awesome flower on my Dollarama tote, $4 & $2.

I love you lens.

So many works.

*Almost* in focus. 
That's it kids.  I'm wiped.  See you tomorrow!

good morning sunshines

Just a quick update... did not get dressed yesterday...  except for some lovely! pinkish grey leggings, my navy cable knit cardigan and a white band t-shirt.  Aron was not impressed upon his arrival home from BC.

"We can go out to grab dinner but you have to change out of those 'pants' first."  So we ordered pizza instead.

I am so swamped with school right now and the Miami countdown pressure is on.  Last year I just threw all of my summer clothes in a suitcase.  This year I am actually going to pack outfits.  (And I will take photos every day and post when I'm back—promise!).  I'm going to attempt to do some photos later today.  Right now I am in sweats amid a sea of papers and textbooks.  Yawn.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

a little flare

So I kept silent yesterday, along with many other bloggers, for the Blogger's Day of Silence for Japan.

I didn't 'get dressed' today (was running late for work, as usual) so I am posting what I wore yesterday anyway.  Actually that's a lie.  I got dressed, took some photos, threw on some black tights and my black suede booties.  It was still too chilly for hose and flats (seen here).  So I really tried to believe it was spring, and wore this light springtime coat on my walk to work, and nearly had to jump in a cab on the walk home from work that night because I was frozen.  (But I'm a student so I just walked faster instead.)  And today we woke up to the return of zero degrees.  Sad.

Trench, Forever 21 (clearance rack last year), $15. Navy stiped dress, Guess, $105.
Scarf, Coach, $too expensive for a student to buy. Sunglasses, H&M, $7.
Gold flats, H&M, $15.  Bag, U.O., $40.

I took the tripod outside for the first time.  It didn't work out so well, and I only managed one shot that was 'postable'.  For my first time experimenting, I am okay with that.  I look forward to further experiments, perhaps in some of the more scenic areas in our neighbourhood.  There are some lovely heritage buildings waiting for me. 

Earrings, H&M, $3.
This photo is for Aron.  He is in BC and hasn't seen my haircut yet.  Here ya go baby!

I am still so dead.  Work work work until our departure on Thursday for Miami. Aiming to hand in a major paper Tuesday night then spend Wednesday picking out all of my super fabulous warm-weather attire!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

spring has sprung?

I am so dead.  Schoolwork is lagging.  But I got a hair cut and felt really great today.  Down to serious business after this post.  I mean it.

Dress, Mendocino ($110 on clearance). Leggings, U.O. ($20?).
Cardigan, Old Navy ($30?).
Amazingawesome shoes, Bass, $120.
Rushed self-portrait that does not do the new cut justice.
Courtesy Emma Rose @ The Cabinet Salon.

Can I tell you how much I love these shoes.  I tried them on this morning because I just wanted to be sure they were going back to the store (I picked them up last week, right after I said no more shopping, again).  I had been coveting oxfords forever but I couldn't get away with flats—they just didn't look right.  When I saw these I fell in love.  They are a perfect height for me (2 1/2") as I am tall to begin with (5' 8 1/2").  I also do a lot of walking so super high heels are just not practical.  So anyway, I tried these on this morning and I literally squealed with delight.  Sorry, wallet.  I really am.

BTW visitors, I see you visiting there.  Why not follow me?  I kind of feel like a big loser with no followers.  Honorable mention to my mother, who tried to follow me but hasn't quite yet succeeded.  My mom loves me, yay!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


So I had a relapse today.  I was working hard all day on school projects and I didn't have the time or energy to dress for my evening class.  It's 11:44PM and I am zonked.  I sort of committed to posting every day, so I'm going to massively cheat and post a very sad description instead.  I bought my shirt at least ten years ago at Winners...but it's American Eagle.  A lovely cream long sleeved v-neck with peachy stripes.  I am wearing my yoga jeans, I think... but my eyes are closed now and I can't tell.  I definitely wore my brown nubuck boots because I remember having to very carefully navigate the parking lot for puddles. 

I owe you one tomorrow.  Hot yoga, hair cut and getting dressed dressed—sounds like a lovely day off until I think about the 8 hours of writing I have to do.  Tis the season!  Good night my lovelies.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

High Waisted Love

I love high-waisted skirts.  I'm not supposed to be shopping and I'm not supposed to go into H&M but it's literally on my walk to the streetcar from school.  I saw this skirt in black and thought, oh that's cool, then I noticed they had it in this light wash blue and then upon closer inspection noticed it was lined and then proceeded to the change room at which point I was committed.  I have a feeling this one is going to be appearing many times in the future.

Skirt, H&M, $30. Black long sleeved tee, Esprit, $15.
Scarf, H&M (3+ yrs old). Braided belt, H&M, $15.
Black tights, Hue. Boots, Chinese Laundry @ Winners, gift from mom.
Bag, Element, gift from mom.
I love my rings.  Another one courtesy of my grandmother.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Inspired by Bloggers

My outfit, though in the end looking completely different, was inspired by this photo of Tania at What Would a Nerd Wear.  I guess I just started with the tights and short skirt, and messed around with other items in my closet to get this look.  I love these red tights but I never had the time to make them work with anything.  I felt really good in this.

V-Neck sweater, Gap. Skirt, FCUK, $20 on clearance.
Silk scarf, gift from mom (via Etsy). Tights, H&M. Suede booties, Blowfish.
Bag, U.O. Sunglasses, H&M, $7.

A doesn't like this ring but I love it! 
Picked it up at least seven years ago at a cute little
store on Front St. that closed down years ago.  $30. 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday.... study Sunday...

This is pretty typical/student-y of me.  And this is why I wanted to make an effort to start 'dressing' a little more, and being lazy a little less. 

Cargos, Esprit, $80.  Belt, H&M, $15.
White & yellow stripe tank, H&M, $7.
Sweater, H&M, $25.

Please note the peeking tummy full of timbits and hollandaise.  Wow that sounds terrible.  But I feel much better!  I had just a little too much wine last night.  And I have the lowest tolerance on the planet.

I love these cargos.  The elastic at the bottom makes me want to elasticize (?) other pants.  Very convenient in wet/snowy weather, and looks great with my brown Blowfish boots (shown in black) that were taken off before the 30 second photo shoot.  We are a little hungover, behind schedule on the drive back from our overnight in Guelph, and both have heaps of work to do today.

So here I go to do work—bye!

Catching up...

Friday March 11: I actually wore real clothes to walk to work (I usually just wear my work "uniform" of all black but decided to actually get dressed).  It served a purpose since I went out with A and friends right after work for a bit.

Dress, H&M (3 years ago), $?.  Yellow bag, Aldo (3+ years ago), $?.
Navy blue cable knit sweater, Joe Fresh, approx. $30.
Bright orange lipstick, MAC (in Morange), approx. $16.
Belt, H&M, $15.  Black knee socks, Winners, $5.
Black 80s style boots, Scarpino, approx. $80.

I like this bag.  I hate to admit it.  I dislike Aldo and I'll probably never shop there again but this blog is about making the most of what I have.  It's bright yellow and fits my clipboard and a textbook, has many pockets, including the most valuable Blackberry pocket.  No more digging around endlessly in the abyss of my usual bookbag. 

I did the twisty belt thing again.  I can't get enough, for now.  I picked up this belt in the men's section at H&M.  It's soft, it's leather, and it was a steal.

I did black and blue again here but I don't like it.  There's not enough contrast.  The blue is too dark.  And I'm not a big fan of these boots, but I'm going to try to wear them until the end of the season before I give them away.  I needed something black, sort of dressy and snow/rain proof... next year I will try to figure something else out.

On a final note, I love yellow so much right now.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The rain continues...

And today I have a photographer!  And an SLR!  And a white brick wall. 
Thanks mom!!

Skirt, FCUK, $40 (off the clearance rack).
White boyfriend shirt, H&M, $15.
White tank w/yellow stripes, H&M, $7.
Necklace, gift from A's mom.
Bag, U.O., approx. $40.
Tights, Hue, $12. Boots, Hunter, gift from A.

It's really too bad that my highlighter yellow nail polish didn't make it into the photos.  I will have to take a shot and share it's amazingness with you.  I think I may have blinded our server at Mildred's...

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lazy fashionista

So I had a nap and woke up with only enough time to throw this together before class.  I usually criticize the boy when he wears black and blue together so I thought I'd step outside of my comfort zone and go for it.  Livin' on the edge.

Navy turtleneck, H&M, $13. Black cotton stretch
highwaisted skirt thing, American Apparel, $?
(purchased at least 5 years ago—talk about
long wearing).  Braided belt, H&M, $15.
Grey tights, Giant Discount Store
I'd rather not admit I shop at, $5.
I wore this with my knee-high Hunter rain boots (in a very dark, matte, purple), with grey fleece inserts which I've decided I will be giving away.  (The inserts, not the boots, sorry.)  I've worn the inserts three times and I hate them.  I think they're ugly and they make the boot uncomfortable.  In the future I will just wear thick socks on blustery days.  For the record it was wet snow and rain all day, and my Hunters were the perfect choice.  I also wore my Soia & Kyo coat, and a black bag I picked up last year at UO (kind of like this but smaller... and black).  I've been trying to find a new black bag that will take my clipboard (since the current bag will not), so that it's practical for school.  Unfortunately I can't find anything under $300 (so far) that I love.  My boyfriend makes this face when I tell him this.

Another bag?  Really?

Monday March 7, 2011

Ok, I know I know.  My photos are horrible.  I already said I got a tripod so bear with me while I figure it out.  Basically our house is too small and I can't get far enough away from any good camera spots.  I am working on it, promise.  I wish it was nice so I could go outside.  Soon.  And soon we will have a new house! 

Sweater dress and braided belt, both H&M. 
Can't recall prices (cheap!). 
H&M is a student's best friend.
Twisty belt idea, by Elaine @ I'm clothed much.

Super awesome earrings purchased a 
couple years ago. Gypsy, $12.
My grandmother's dinner ring. 
Nail polish by Essie. 
I love orangey reds, they are my favourite!
I wore this stuff with brown tights, grey slouchy socks (because it's effing freezing), my Soia & Kyo coat (black) and my Pajars.  (As mentioned, I live in my Pajars.  Eagerly anticipating warmer weather.)  While I was out I dropped $4 on a rust-coloured fabric flower from H&M for my coat.  I need to stay out of that store.  Carried a large burnt orange tote that my mother bought me in Florida.  It's cute.  I'll post a photo sometime.  For now, it's back to the books.  

I skipped Monday & Tuesday

...only because I was macbook-less.  Now that I am all updated (mac os 10.6.6....yesss), I will be posting photos from Monday.  I am still working out the details of how to take the photos exactly, because tossing my Canon Elph on the kitchen table and standing next to the fridge is much less than glamourous.  I skipped photos yesterday because (a) I didn't have time to put together anything more than a navy v-neck sweater (H&M), dark blue skinny yoga jeans, Kodiak-style work socks and my Pajars (which I tend to wear with everything right now because it's Canada and it is wet/snowy/icey/slushy until April/May.  I was up at 5:30am for the gym and carried around my giant MEC backpack all day—not exactly fashionable but I'm working my way up to a giant and stylish gym tote, I swear. 

I picked up a Gorilla magnetic tripod yesterday at Black's and I'll be experimenting with it later this afternoon when I am ready to change out of my pj's and head to class.  (I study in pj's, always). 

Pics soon, promise.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

And so it begins...

Since I am a student, I don't have the resources to buy all new items and I intend to wear, or modify everything in my closet so that I can wear it, and feel good about it.  I've already cleaned out everything—closet, drawers, shelves—and thrown out anything unwearable, and set aside a bag of donations (it only took 12 hours!  Gah!).  I have a trip to the local thrift store planned, where I will take a very specific list of items that I need (i.e. skinny black belt).

The next year and a half will be my final stretch as a student, but I am leaving my part-time job in April and so my budget is extremely limited.  I will blog to motivate myself to make do with what I have... and hopefully look—and feel—fabulous while doing it.