Sunday, 13 March 2011

Catching up...

Friday March 11: I actually wore real clothes to walk to work (I usually just wear my work "uniform" of all black but decided to actually get dressed).  It served a purpose since I went out with A and friends right after work for a bit.

Dress, H&M (3 years ago), $?.  Yellow bag, Aldo (3+ years ago), $?.
Navy blue cable knit sweater, Joe Fresh, approx. $30.
Bright orange lipstick, MAC (in Morange), approx. $16.
Belt, H&M, $15.  Black knee socks, Winners, $5.
Black 80s style boots, Scarpino, approx. $80.

I like this bag.  I hate to admit it.  I dislike Aldo and I'll probably never shop there again but this blog is about making the most of what I have.  It's bright yellow and fits my clipboard and a textbook, has many pockets, including the most valuable Blackberry pocket.  No more digging around endlessly in the abyss of my usual bookbag. 

I did the twisty belt thing again.  I can't get enough, for now.  I picked up this belt in the men's section at H&M.  It's soft, it's leather, and it was a steal.

I did black and blue again here but I don't like it.  There's not enough contrast.  The blue is too dark.  And I'm not a big fan of these boots, but I'm going to try to wear them until the end of the season before I give them away.  I needed something black, sort of dressy and snow/rain proof... next year I will try to figure something else out.

On a final note, I love yellow so much right now.

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