Wednesday, 16 March 2011


So I had a relapse today.  I was working hard all day on school projects and I didn't have the time or energy to dress for my evening class.  It's 11:44PM and I am zonked.  I sort of committed to posting every day, so I'm going to massively cheat and post a very sad description instead.  I bought my shirt at least ten years ago at Winners...but it's American Eagle.  A lovely cream long sleeved v-neck with peachy stripes.  I am wearing my yoga jeans, I think... but my eyes are closed now and I can't tell.  I definitely wore my brown nubuck boots because I remember having to very carefully navigate the parking lot for puddles. 

I owe you one tomorrow.  Hot yoga, hair cut and getting dressed dressed—sounds like a lovely day off until I think about the 8 hours of writing I have to do.  Tis the season!  Good night my lovelies.

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