Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Red and yellow?  I'm breaking all my rules.

I had to wear the cardigan again from yesterday because I love it.  Also, I have learned/am learning from seasoned bloggers a whole new world of wearing things more than once a week.  I had a terrible (very early) morning, with a craptacular hot yoga class (worst instructor ever) and had only minutes to get ready before my 9am class.  I thought this turned out OK, considering my limited time and terrible mood. 

Skirt, AA, $boughtitahundredyearsagocan'tremember.
Cardigan, F21, $22. Tank, Aritzia(maybe?), $noidea.
Silk scarf, Etsy, $giftfrommom. Tights, H&M, $cheap.
Grey Suede Boots That Didn't Quite Make
It In The Photo, Winners, $giftfrommom.
Red sunglasses, H&M, $7. Lipgloss, Pure+Simple, $15?
Bag, UO, approx. $45.

I have to say I am looking forward to the end of this day. But tomorrow is the mad writing/packing fiasco that will be the day before we leave for Miami. Just in case you were interested in what the weather will be like:


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  1. I like the sweater and what you did with the scarf!