Monday, 21 March 2011

good morning sunshines

Just a quick update... did not get dressed yesterday...  except for some lovely! pinkish grey leggings, my navy cable knit cardigan and a white band t-shirt.  Aron was not impressed upon his arrival home from BC.

"We can go out to grab dinner but you have to change out of those 'pants' first."  So we ordered pizza instead.

I am so swamped with school right now and the Miami countdown pressure is on.  Last year I just threw all of my summer clothes in a suitcase.  This year I am actually going to pack outfits.  (And I will take photos every day and post when I'm back—promise!).  I'm going to attempt to do some photos later today.  Right now I am in sweats amid a sea of papers and textbooks.  Yawn.

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