Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday.... study Sunday...

This is pretty typical/student-y of me.  And this is why I wanted to make an effort to start 'dressing' a little more, and being lazy a little less. 

Cargos, Esprit, $80.  Belt, H&M, $15.
White & yellow stripe tank, H&M, $7.
Sweater, H&M, $25.

Please note the peeking tummy full of timbits and hollandaise.  Wow that sounds terrible.  But I feel much better!  I had just a little too much wine last night.  And I have the lowest tolerance on the planet.

I love these cargos.  The elastic at the bottom makes me want to elasticize (?) other pants.  Very convenient in wet/snowy weather, and looks great with my brown Blowfish boots (shown in black) that were taken off before the 30 second photo shoot.  We are a little hungover, behind schedule on the drive back from our overnight in Guelph, and both have heaps of work to do today.

So here I go to do work—bye!

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