Thursday, 14 April 2011

it's in the seafoam

Ahhhhh!  I'm done!  Well at least until my exam on the 27th.  Yep, one exam, and it's half a month away.  Cruelty.  I started my placement today and I wanted to dress for spring even though the temperature is not anywhere near where it should be.  I got home much later than I normally would and barked at Aron to take photos of me.  Hence why they are dark, blurry, and generally terrible.  Sorry.  I promise better work over the weekend.

Shoes, Seychelles @ Winners, $?. Canvas tote, Dollarama, $2.

Coat, F21 on clearance, $20?

Skirt, XOXO, bought it at least 8 years ago $no idea.  Tank, Aritzia, $25.
Belt, H&M, $14. Cardigan, F21, $17.
Aron did not want his photo taken today.  Laaaame!


  1. I love your ballerinas, they are the perfect shade of blue/green! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Love the skirt. Where was it hiding?