Tuesday, 5 April 2011

remotely fashionable

First of all I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you out there that post every day.  This is my first post since last Thursday and I don't even know how you find the time to do it—but you are all my heroes.  So here goes, on a freezing and deceptively sunny Tuesday.

This photo alerted me to the fact that my tights might just be a *little* too weathered.
Coat, Soia & Kyo, three seasons old from Winners and needs replacing. :(
Boots, Chinese Laundry, $gift from mom.

I love this bag (UO, $70 - men's section!).  Picked it up for the plane but quickly realized it fits my books, my Sigg bottle, my lunch AND all the other crap I carry around.  Win.  Scarf, Zara, $20? Rings, both my grandmother's.

Skirt, FCUK, on clearance $40. Cardigan, F21, $22.
Tank, H&M, $7. Necklace, I believe it's Foxy, but not sure,


ARON!  Come look at my remote - isn't it awesome?

Aron: "Yes I am going to steal it and take 400 photos and try to make out with you".
Me: "Ok!"


  1. I know how, how do girls manage to post everyday? They are definitely my heroes too, it's freakin amazing! And your outfit is awesome, I'm seriously in love with your style. I adore the skirt, and every bit of this outfit is just sheer loveliness. xx veronika

    PS As for your duties/taxes question on J.Crew purchases? It doesn't really bother me. I scour their sale items + they sometimes have an additional 40% off so I happily pay a little bit extra for shipping & such.

  2. Good to know. I'll be taking advantage of the 20% off today... And then my c/c's are on lockdown until Sept. *hides*