Friday, 22 April 2011


Really?  I can't take anymore.  We went for a Good Friday walk up to the market (will post pics soon!) and I almost cried on the walk back, as I utilized Aron as a wind shield. I mentioned in my Wednesday post that I was on a mission to find a warm springy outfit for Thursday.  Here's what I came up with:

Maxi dress, Lucky Brand, approx. $80. Sweater, Aritzia, approx. $45.
Belt, H&M, came free with a skirt. Booties, Blowfish, approx. $80? (last year).

This awkward pose is to show off how battered these booties are. 
I love them.  I need to take them in to get cleaned and fixed so the
rolled over suede stops dragging on the ground.

I love you booties, but you are looking weathered!

I was feeling a little blah so I piled on some eyeliner.  It made me happy.

Bag, UO, approx. $70. 

Just a note about my fashion credits.  You may see items from post to post credited with different prices.  When I write "approx." it is beacuse I really have no idea and I am guessing.  That being said, most of these items are quite old, so I'm hoping that those who read my blog understand that the sometimes high prices (that don't necessarily jive with my student budget) are not recent purchases.  Also, I am jobless as of the end of the day tomorrow it is now SERIOUS remixing time.  Oh summer, how I eagerly await you.

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